Non-Angling Activities

With our cabins set lakeside platypus spotting has become a major activity with bird and wildlife spotting and photography being keenly pursued. It is possible to take a rowboat out on the lake and just relax with a sandwich and bottle of wine.

We have a nine-hole country golf course just 30 minutes away with Lake St Clair National Park and Lake some 40 minutes away. There is an interpretation centre with a restaurant and scenic boat rides around the lake available along with walks of varying duration and difficulty right there for the enthusiastic visitor.

One and a quarter hours south is the small historic coaching town of Hamilton with possibly the best arts and crafts centre in Tasmania "Glen Clyde House open for your enjoyment and rejuvenation.

One and a half hours south is the historic fresh water angler's museum, Anglers Hall of Fame and the original 1864 trout hatchery called "The Salmon Ponds". This is where 4,000 brown trout eggs were delivered by the sailing ship "Norfolk" and hatched, reared and released to the wild creating the base wild stock for the whole southern hemisphere including New Zealand.

Half an hour further on is Hobart, the capital' of Tasmania with its shops, arts, crafts and museums for your enjoyment. An easy day trip from the lodge.

Of course you can just rest and relax in your cabin and just enjoy the sights and sounds of Brady's Lake.

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"Truly Orrsome Tassie trout".